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ISA develops genetic test and acquires license to produce fishy taint-free eggs

Senin, 9 Juni 2008

ISA (Institut de Sélection Animale), the layer breeding division of Hendrix Genetics, has developed the techniques and obtained the exclusive rights to perform a genetic testing procedure to eliminate the fishy taint in eggs caused by TMA in layers. The large scale screening programme of ISA Pure Lines (PL) has already resulted in the elimination of the fishy taint phenotype in these lines. Hundred percent of all the Grand Parents (GPS) placed within ISA after January 2008 are also free of the fishy taint phenotype, enabling the ISA organization to deliver Parent Stock (PS) flocks to her clients producing commercial layers without any sensitivity of the TMA gene. The first Parent Stock (PS) flock which will deliver commercial layers producing 100% fishy taint free eggs has been placed in May 2008. The ISA clients world wide will benefit all from the investments made in R&D and the exclusive right to use this patented selection method. High levels of trimethylamine (TMA) in the yolk of eggs result in a fishy smell of the eggs. TMA is produced in the chicken gut through dietary intake or endogenous metabolism. It is normally converted by the FMO3 enzyme to non-smelling trimethyl-oxide. In chickens having this fishy odour in their eggs this conversion enzyme is not working because of a defective mutation in the FMO3 gene. Screening for the FMO3 gene in chicken result in excluding these animals that carry this genetic defect. Brown layers free of this mutation are much more flexible to differences in feed ingredients and management allowing higher levels of sinapine (present in rape seed), choline and betaine without any negative consequences. A license agreement with the Swedish inventors, FunboGen AB, gives ISA the exclusive right to perform DNA tests against fishy odour in birds. About ISA ISA delivers Grand Parent Stock (GPS) and Parent Stock (PS) to the worldwide layer industry, from operational centers on four continents. Thanks to the excellent quality of our genetic program, ISA has a variety of products available, fitting the needs of both egg producers and consumers. ISA has 48% world market share, 53% brown and 42% white and is proud that around 50% of world egg production comes from the layers bred by their company. About Hendrix Genetics Hendrix Genetics is a global multi-species animal genetics company investing in technology, people and progress to deliver sustainable value to business partners, employees and society. Hendrix Genetics has 5 divisions: ISA, the layer breeding division. Hybrid, the turkey breeding division, Hybro the broiler breeding division, Hypor, the pig breeding division and SFPA, the distribution division. Hendrix Genetics has around 1000 direct employees with a further 500 working in joint ventures. This Hendrix Genetics team combines 46 nationalities in subsidiaries and offices in 23 countries around the world. Published 05/30/2008 Source: Hendrix Genetics press release

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