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Sterilox Solution Highly Effective Against Pandemic H5N1 Avian

Kamis, 31 Januari 2008

PuriCore, the life sciences company focused on the control of infectious pathogens with its novel, safe antimicrobial technology, announces that its Sterilox Solution has been proven highly effective against pandemic H5N1 avian influenza, a highly contagious and lethal outbreak pathogen. The research showed that Sterilox Solution completely inactivated the H5N1 test strain and passed the US Environmental Protection Agencyʼs recommended hard-surface disinfection test, which requires two-minutes contact time.

The study conducted by ATS Labs, an independent certified laboratory, tested the virucidal activity of the
Sterilox Solution in decontaminating H5N1 avian influenza on hard surfaces. Previous PuriCore studies
proved the effectiveness of Sterilox Solution against a common surrogate for the pandemic H5N1 avian
influenza strain, the human influenza virus, A/Hong Kong 68 Strain. This new H5N1 research builds upon
PuriCore´s earlier microbiological research, including published studies last year showing the effectiveness
of the Sterilox Solution against major outbreak pathogens such as norovirus, MRSA, and acinetobacter.

The Sterilox Solution mimics the natural anti-microbial hypochlorous acid produced by the human body to
fight pathogens. A wide range of markets that depend upon controlling the spread of infectious
pathogens—including food retail and foodservice, hospitality, medical device disinfection, and wound
therapy—use Sterilox Systems.

“Pandemic avian influenza remains a concern for healthcare providers, governments, and the general
said Greg Bosch, CEO of PuriCore. “These study results further demonstrate that our safe and
environmentally friendly Sterilox Solution is highly effective against H5N1 and other dangerous pathogens
and can be used in a variety of settings including hotels, hospitals, schools, and cruise ships.”

About PuriCore

PuriCore plc is a life sciences company focused on developing and commercialising proprietary products that safely, effectively, and naturally kill contagious pathogens. PuriCore’s technology provides a solution to a broad range of markets that depend upon controlling contamination, including food safety in retail and foodservice, medical device disinfection, wound therapy, and hospitality. The Companyʼs proprietary technology mimics the human bodyʼs production of the natural antimicrobial hypochlorous acid, which is highly effective in killing bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores. Deploying hypochlorous acid solutions as soaks, sprays, mists, and in other forms, PuriCoreʼs technology is designed to limit the spread of infectious disease, including major public health threats of M. tuberculosis, MRSA, E.coli, Norovirus, Avian Influenza, HIV, Polio Virus, Helicobater pylori, and Legionella. PuriCore is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, with offices in Stafford, UK.

Published 01/30/2008

Source: Puricore

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