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[e-book] Poultry Business

Selasa, 1 Januari 2008

Anda ingin segera menjalankan bisnis peternakan ayam? Jika iya tidak ada salahnya Anda membaca buku ini yang berjudul :

Growing Your Range Poultry Business:
An Entrepreneur’s Toolbox

Buku ini dapat Anda download gratis dengan mengklik disini

Besar file 473 kb, format file pdf, dengan jumlah halaman : 63 halaman

Untuk membaca sedikit keterangan tentang buku ini, dapat Anda klik dibawah ini

This Toolbox is written for anyone who
desires to make a profit from range poultry
production, whether by direct-marketing
“pastured poultry,” building a processing
plant, or working cooperatively with other
producers. The audience includes:
. New producers
. Existing producers who want to expand
. Individuals
. Groups
. Small processors
It is not written for contract poultry growers
who work with large companies; they
generally cannot consider another poultry
enterprise because they are already
This Toolbox can help you:
. “Pencil out” a range poultry enterprise
. Determine the profitability of an
existing enterprise
. Understand the basics of feasibility and
business planning
. Find additional information and
Limitations of the Toolbox:
. You should seek additional information
and assistance to do a thorough
feasibility study, business plan, or
marketing plan.
. You will need to do lots of legwork.
. This publication does not provide
technical information on production,
processing, and meat inspection
regulations, but it tells you where to get
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